Bedbugs require a very thorough treatment if they are to be completely cleared from a property. Detailed knowledge of the life cycle and habits of the bedbug is needed to treat them and it is unlikely that any “DIY” treatment will achieve more than a temporary reduction in numbers.

We will provide you with detailed advice on how you need to prepare your property before treatment. Then we will use insecticidal dusts and sprays in the appropriate places to treat the property. Whilst all products used are safe, people and pets will need to stay out of the house during treatment and for at least four hours afterwards. In cases of heavy infestation, more than one treatment may be necessary. 


Firstly and importantly bedbugs do not just live in beds, they can hide in all kinds of furniture, cracks and crevices, ducts, electrical fittings in fact almost anywhere in a room which has human habitation. Whilst it is not a disease carrier the bedbug’s bites are irritating and can cause a severe allergic reaction. Adult bedbugs can be seen with the naked eye (they can be up to 6mm long) especially after feeding when they are a reddish brown colour. It is more likely that you will see spots on the bedding from the bugs excrement than the insects themselves, and these together with the bites are a good indication of an infestation. Although they normally feed about every 7 days bedbugs can survive many months without food if no host is available.


Thoroughness is the key here, starting with us giving you details on how to prepare the property for treatment. Then we will give the infested rooms a comprehensive inspection to locate the likely harbourages where bugs may be hiding. Depending on the level of infestation we may advise that some items particularly mattresses may need to be disposed of. The rooms will then be treated with a combination of insecticidal dusts and spray paying particular attention to potential harbourages. After the insecticide has dried the room can be reoccupied and we will explain the next steps necessary to ensure that the bedbug are eradicated.

Bedbugs are embarrassing and painful creatures to have on your property and not easy to control. However with our professional advice and expertise they can be successfully eradicated.