Pigeons and their droppings can cause building damage, are a health risk and are particularly unpleasant when the birds are roosting and nesting on a property in large numbers. The only practical way to reduce the problem is to “proof” the building against them. Pigeons are very difficult to deter and it takes considerable experience to decide whether techniques such as netting, spikes or other deterrents will be successful. At Northants Pest Control we have dealt with pigeons on a large range of buildings from terraced houses to large warehouses and can apply this experience to ensure a safe and effective installation to your property.

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What can be done?

The only realistic solution is to keep the birds off the areas where they are being a problem. This is known as “proofing” and these are the main types of systems we use:

  • Spikes – this is the most common method of keeping pigeons off ledges and window sills etc. It is effective and can usually be fitted without drilling although they can be unsightly.
  • Post and wire – do the same job as spikes but is more complicated to fit and would usually involve drilling. The advantage of this system is that it is much more discreet.
  • Netting – the only real way to keep birds off or out of a large area. A wire sub frame is attached to the structure usually with eye bolts and a net is clipped to it. Nets are available in 4 mesh sizes and 3 colours.
  • Gel – the neatest and least obtrusive system but quite expensive

Too expensive? Think again… OUR TREATMENT:

Many people worry that bird proofing measures will be too expensive and time consuming but, here at Northants Pest Control we know the damage that pigeons can cause. Investing in prevention measures such as these will last a long time, saving your home or business premises from damage that will be expensive to repair.