Cockroach infestations are unacceptable especially in a commercial environment. We adopt a systematic approach firstly by inspecting the affected area to identify the scale of the infestation.

Treatment will then commence using either “gel” bait or insecticidal sprays. The effectiveness of the treatment will be assessed with the continuous use of monitoring traps. We will also advise you of any action that you can take to prevent further infestations.


There are two species of cockroach generally found in the UK and they can all be difficult to deal with. They like to conceal themselves together in cracks and crevices by day and then forage at night. If you spot even one then do not hesitate to call us as many others will be hidden and cockroaches breed at a very high rate.


You are very unlikely to be able to control cockroaches on your own. Treatment has to be very thorough and an integrated approach using different products may be necessary for a prolonged period before complete control can be achieved. Results must be confirmed by continuous monitoring with appropriate traps. You will also need advice on how to prevent future re-infestation. We can help with all this at Northants Pest Control and recommend that you call us immediately if you suspect the presence of cockroaches.