Pest control and eradication in and around Rushden is as simple as 1,2,3… but only when you come to Northants Pest Control to deal with the issue!

Step 1: Act quickly when you spot the signs of a possible pest problem or infestation

Many people hesitate when they think that they may have a pest problem. There are many reasons for this: embarrassment, hoping it will go away, the ‘wait and see what happens’ approach or try and deal with it themselves.

Pests of all kinds are remarkably resilient to changes in temperature, environment and, in many cases, DIY chemicals that are used to ‘eradicate’ them. In some instances, the answer lays in persistence as well as prevention and knowledge.

Insects, for example, can soon have a grip on your home or business; bedbugs and fleas are renowned for becoming established very quickly in a property and so it is essential that at the first signs of a pest problem you give us a call – rats around the bins, wasps in the garage, bugs in the bed – don’t waste time and money, call one of the best professional pest control company local to Rushden, Northants Pest Control.

Step 2: invest in a skilled, professional and expert local pest control service

  • A responsive and flexible service is a service that we offer both domestic and business customers as we understand that no one likes sharing their home or business with any pest!

For many business customers, for example, having a discreet and responsive service is essential. We can often deal with issues outside of normal working hours too, and have non-liveried vehicle for extra discretion.

  • Qualifications are important for peace of mind as it means that you can trust the pest control technician to deliver the right treatment, safely. As a minimum, we hold the Pest Control and Management certificate, awarded by the Royal Society of Public Health.
  • Guarantees & insured – every assignment and treatment we undertake is guaranteed by us to be effective and, better still, our work and technicians are insured too!

Step 3: prevention

And finally, as part of our comprehensive pest service to domestic and business customers in and around Rushden, having advice, support and after-treatment service is essential.

In many cases, making simple changes to our habits and routines can help prevent some pest control issues; flies, for example, if they gain access to decomposing food in compost bins can quickly become a problem as they lay hundreds of eggs. Having a well-fitting lid is one way of preventing this.

There are also many other hints and tips that we know will work in preventing some of the more common pest infestations and problems which is why calling Northants Pest Control service is the best step you can take if you think you have a pest control problem.

As qualified and professional pest control technicians, we are adept at dealing with ALL kinds of pest control issues in and around Rushden. We can deal with anything such as;

  • Ants
  • Bedbugs
  • Cockroaches
  • Rabbits
  • Wasps
  • Bees
  • Birds of all kinds
  • Insects of all kinds including silverfish, fleas and more
  • Flies
  • Squirrels
  • Foxes
  • Moles
  • Woodworm
  • Beetles
  • …and more!

No pest is too big, too small!

We deal with all pests, in all situations for all customers

We work with local domestic customers in Rushden to be pest-free within the home, as well as in the garden, sheds, garages and other outbuildings.

We also offer responsive pest control services on a annual contract basis, if necessary, to business customers, including;

  • Landlords, both private and social landlords including sheltered accommodation and assisted living units
  • Schools, colleges and nurseries
  • Apartments and blocks of flats
  • Churches and charities
  • Food outlets, restaurants, pubs and hotels
  • Industrial units and factories
  • Farms, livery yards, equestrian schools and all kinds of agricultural settings
  • Supermarkets, corner shops and other retail units
  • Any business that finds itself at the mercy of unwanted pests!

We provide all quotations on a no obligation basis so why not find out more about pest control in Rushden, as offered by Northants Pest Control.