Northants Pest Control will begin controlling rodents by surveying your premises thoroughly to identify the species involved and the extent of the problem. If possible we will search for and remove any dead rodents. We will then produce an individual treatment plan with the aim of both dealing with the existing rodents and preventing further infestations.

Eradication of the rodents will be by either the use of traps, poison bait or a combination of both. We will ensure that any techniques used follow industry guidelines and are safe to use especially where there are children or pets present. We will search for and remove any dead rodents.

Prevention of future infestations is important and we will identify the points where rodents are entering your premises. We will carry out “proofing” to prevent access and advise where any other changes to the environment would deter future activity.


Rodents can be a difficult pest to deal with on your own, so it is essential that if you think you have rats or mice you invest in the professional services of a pest controller to safely and quickly control and eradicate the problem. DIY mousetraps do not eliminate the problem; they only help to reduce numbers.

Why they come into properties

Rodents like all pests and other animals, prefer not to seek human company and yet, they frequently find their way in to our gardens, outbuildings and, in some cases, homes and businesses. There are many reasons for this:

  • Nesting sites – rats and mice like all animals like to have somewhere safe and warm in which to nest. Both rats and mice breed at a fast rate and so, the likelihood of you having just one rat or mouse in or close to your property is very unlikely! Cellars, lofts, wall cavities, sheds, garages and other places close to or in your property are perfect nesting sites for rats and mice.
  • Food – rats and mice need food, not just for themselves but for their growing brood back in the nest. Our bins, compost bins and recycling are just a few of the sites close to your property that have an instant and ready food source.
  • Environmental conditions – occasionally, rats and mice are driven to find new nesting sites by environmental conditions. From building work forcing them from their ‘natural habitat’, to the flooding we have seen in recent years across the UK are just two examples. Rats, for example, live close to river banks etc. hence when their nests are flooded they have no other choice but to look for a new venue to breed. They also will seek warmer homes when the weather outside turns cold.
  • Opportunity – and finally, rats and mice are opportunists. If they find a warm cellar or a dry garage, with food close by and the chance of very few predators then they will move in.

Why your property – inside and out – needs to be free from rodents

Rats and mice are everywhere, with some studies suggesting that the population of rats in the UK can be anything from a several hundreds of thousands to millions!

Rats have never enjoyed a good press since medieval times when bubonic plague spread across Europe. Fleas bit the rats, picked up the germ and then, after they had bit a human, they became ill with the disease. But, even though the bubonic plague is now long gone, rats still cause us ill-health.

Mice, on the other hand, tend to have a gentler reputation. They are smaller than rats, more cute looking and yet they are no less rampant in their habits. Although transmission of diseases from mice to humans is thankfully not too common, they can still spread bacteria.

Damage – however, we find that the many calls we receive from customers is about the damage they find where they think they may have rats or mice. There is no doubting that both of these rodents cause a lot of damage, very quickly.

All rodents need to gnaw to keep their teeth down and this can cause them to chew through pipes and cables leading to possible leaks and a risk of fire. As well as damage to softer materials which may be used as nesting  material.

Disease – damage is one thing but there is a distinct danger to sharing your property with rodents, rats in particular. They carry a virulent bacterium in their gut which is excreted in their urine. When we come into contact with this bacterium and ingest it, we can become seriously ill.

Breeding – As we have already said, rats and mice are prolific breeders. A female rat has a life expectancy of 3 years and in this time she will breed on numerous occasions, possibly producing large amounts of young. This process of breeding is constant and so one adult rat in your garage will soon become a nest… and this nest will keep on breeding, with the young becoming sexually mature within weeks of their birth.

Effective eradication and control

Rodents form an important part in balancing the ecology of the countryside; their numbers are so vast and prominent that in some cases, effective control is needed.

Business customers, for example, from restaurants to farms need to have on-going measures and treatments that keep the numbers of rats and mice under control, and away from prominent areas such as refuse collection points and of course kitchens.

Domestic situations, however, tend to present fewer opportunities for rats and mice to make their homes, but a change in habits, along with effective eradication methods, such as proofing and a short treatment of poisoning or trapping, will mean that the rodents can be effectively eradicated.

Why opt for professional pest control services?

There are various traps and chemical treatments that you can but over-the-counter but, with a pest control service you are guaranteed results. Pest controllers are highly trained and expert in the habits and routines exhibited by rodents; rats, for example, are especially suspicious of anything new in the area that they are frequenting. Rather than investigate, they stay away from it!

Knowing small details about the habits of rodents such as this means you are spending your money wisely on an expert, professional service, delivered by skilled technicians. And, with a free no obligation quote. Most DIY treatments reduce numbers but do not provide lasting eradication. Only a call to Northants Pest Control can give you this piece of mind.

Call Northants Pest Control today for guaranteed rodent removal and control.