Northants Pest Control is a professional pest control and extermination company run by Ian Bridgstock. Together with my colleague Tony Reid we have many years of experience in dealing with all kinds of pests in all manner of situations.

Pest problems – the service you need

When your home or business is under pressure from pests you need responsive and effective service.


  • We are registered with the British Pest Control Association, a not for profit organisation that is at the forefront of maintaining and raising standards within the industry. To be a member, pest controllers must prove their competence through training and exams.
  • We only work with a range of chemicals treatments and methods that are safe to use around pets and wildlife and that are family friendly.
  • Our work is fully insured with Public Liability totalling £2 million.


Apart from controlling pests in domestic situations, we have worked with a range of local businesses from landowners and farmers through to shops offices and food outlets. In addition, we have dealt with problems in schools and nurseries. We can offer annual contracts when required and will always deal with business customers in a sensitive and discreet manner.

Do not hesitate to call us if you think you have a pest problem.

Don’t let pests get a grip on your home, business or land!

Here at Northants Pest Control, we know that the biggest factor in how quickly and effectively we can control or eradicate a pest is the speed at which you call us to deal with a problem.

It is a fact that by the time you realise that you may have a pest ‘infestation’, the pest has already become deeply embedded in your property or area around your premises. Do not hesitate to call us if you think you have a pest problem.

No matter what the pest problem, we are confident that we can successfully rid your home or business premises of it!

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