Whilst it is extremely difficult to completely eradicate rabbits from an area we have many years of experience of rabbit control, often fencing is the only long term answer, which we can use to bring numbers down to an acceptable level. There are many different methods of rabbit control and we can apply the most appropriate techniques for any particular circumstance. Please contact us today to discuss your problem.


Wild rabbits can cause a whole range of problems for all kinds of people, from the domestic customer to a variety of business customers, including farmers, equine establishments, country estates, sport clubs and others.

The population of rabbits in the UK is thought to number around 50 million plus. This presents huge difficulties in terms of damage for land managers, country estate managers, farmers and everyone!

We are a pest control company that deals regularly with rabbits, working with local landowners and managers in an attempt to keep a lid on the damage caused by marauding rabbits.

Why so many rabbits?

We all know that rabbits are prolific breeders. Almost as soon as they have given birth, they can be pregnant again. With 2 to 4 litters a year, with up to 6 young per litter, the population is constantly added to.

But, many experts believe that this breeding pattern has been helped by milder winters. Whereas at one time the cold and ice prevented breeding – the young would not survive in such conditions – it seems that the change in climate favours the rabbit.


We can control the rabbits by shooting, trapping and occasionally ferreting. Over a smaller area, fencing, electric or conventional is the best answer.