Carpet beetle can easily be controlled. Once we have positively identified the insect as being the cause of the damage then we will spray a residual insecticide on the affected area. The rooms involved will need to remain empty for a few hours but once dry the insecticide is harmless to people or pets.


Carpet beetles are not dangerous to health, they carry no diseases. The adult beetle itself causes no damage but lays its eggs on materials of animal origin such as woolen carpets, clothing or furs. These hatch into larvae that continually feed on the natural fibers in the carpet etc. for several months until reaching the adult stage. These larva  (often called “woolly  bears” as they are covered with bristles) can be spotted but are small only up to 5mm long and avoid light. Often the first sign of damage is when furniture is moved to reveal threadbare patches where larva has been feeding.


Carpet beetles are often associated with bird’s nests so if there is any suspicion that birds have been nesting in the property such as in a roof space this will need to be investigated. Damaged areas will need to be vacuumed thoroughly to remove larvae and their debris. We will then spray the area with a residual insecticide. You will need to stay out of the affected rooms whilst treatment takes place and for a few hours afterwards. Following treatment we will advise you on what do with regard to further cleaning of the carpet.