Fleas are one of the most common problems that we deal with. Although fleas are usually introduced by pets, any infestation will continue and bites to humans will often increase after the pets have been removed.

Whilst “DIY” control products can reduce flea numbers in the short term we will advise you how to prepare your property before professional treatment. We will then apply the most appropriate insecticide to ensure a permanent solution. Naturally all products used will be safe to children or pets although the house will need to be empty for a few hours during and after treatment.


There are many different types of flea but the one that is the most common cause of problems in the home is the cat flea. The different species look alike, they can not fly but we all know that they can jump a considerable height! An understanding of their life cycle and where they are likely to be located is essential to successful treatment.


Firstly if a pet is still present at the property it must be treated with an appropriate veterinary product. This treatment must continue after the property has been treated to prevent re-infestation. Before treatment we will give you detailed instructions on how to prepare your property and advise you what to do afterwards to achieve lasting results. You (and any pets) will need to leave the property during treatment but can return after a few hours when the sprayed insecticide has dried.

Whilst you may consider controlling fleas yourself it is our experience that many householders end up turning to us for a long term solution having already tried and only achieved a temporary (and quite expensive) result with DIY aerosols. The sooner you call the experts then the sooner the bites will stop!