Our service:

There are many traditional and sometimes dangerous methods of trying to deal with moles – all of which are usually ineffective We recommend that you contact Northants Pest Control first rather than try these. We can use our experience to trap the moles before they cause extensive damage to your lawns or fields.

Please view our customer’s testimonials as they show that we regularly rid Northants homes and businesses of their mole problems.

About Moles:

The mole is a secretive creature living an underground, solitary life not seeking the company of other moles, except during the breeding season. Although moles are not blind they make more use of their well-developed senses of touch and hearing rather than sight and smell.

Moles patrol their underground networks to feed on earthworms and other invertebrates such as slugs that have fallen in to their tunnels.

And the problem is:

Very few people have seen a mole and it seems hard to imagine that such an inconspicuous little creature could cause so much damage.

For the gardener a couple of molehills appearing in a prized lawn are bad enough but if the mole is left unchecked not only will the hills increase but the lawn will become uneven as a result of the displaced earth.

The professional green keeper has the most obvious problems with moles both from appearance and performance of the playing surface to potential safety problems and even damage to mowers from stones brought to the surface.

For the farmer molehills on pasture can cause problems as soil gets mixed with cut crop and can cause the development of listeria bacteria.

Our Treatment:

Early action is definitely recommended to limit the damage. In our opinion the only successful method of mole control is trapping and we have considerable experience of this. If you are troubled with moles give us a ring and we can help!