Any animal, bird or insect can become a pest, and it seems to happen quickly too. Many Daventry customers ask us if there is anything they can do to prevent pest control problems in and around their home or business.

Yes, there are prevention methods that can be taken to lessen the possibility of pests invading your home or land but, sometimes events conspire and what you thought was a small pest problem could suddenly become a much larger issue. As part of our service, we can provide prevention advice to lessen the risk of an infestation happening again.

The weather – a big factor in why animals, birds and insects can become a pest and invade our space is down to weather.

In recent years here in the UK, we have seen an increased in flooding, across larger areas and localised. This does have an impact on the local environment, as well as the animals that live there. Rats naturally live around water courses and recent flooding has seen more calls from customers about rats in garages, outbuildings, sheds, gardens and the like.

Some insects can become more prevalent during hot spells in the summer months, with some also making their homes in our properties in the cold, harsh winters that we sometimes experience here.

Built environment – modern building projects, the building of new houses on brown or green field sites also displace some animals and birds, hence they are on the lookout for somewhere new to call home.

Like us, animals look for somewhere safe, free from predators, warm, dry and with a local food source in which they can breed and raise their young. In this sense, many pests find our home and properties perfect; why wouldn’t a squirrel not like our loft space in which to raise their young?

We have changed – more precisely, our attitude towards many pests have changed and we seem less likely to put up with pests invading our home. Insects, for example, are creatures that we seem no longer willing to tolerate sharing our home with; at one time, many decades ago, it was almost inevitable and accepted that our beds would have bugs in it! In 21st Century Britain, we are not so keen…

As qualified and professional pest control technicians, we are adept at dealing with ALL kinds of pest control issues in and around Daventry. We can deal with anything such as;

  • Ants
  • Bedbugs
  • Cockroaches
  • Rabbits
  • Wasps
  • Bees
  • Birds of all kinds
  • Insects of all kinds including silverfish, fleas and more
  • Flies
  • Squirrels
  • Foxes
  • Moles
  • Woodworm
  • Beetles
  • …and more!

No pest is too big, too small!

But is professional pest control in Daventry from Northants Pest Control expensive?

Professional pest control is cost-effective and there are many benefits too:

  • Efficient and responsive – when you discover a pest problem, you need and want a quick, no nonsense response that will deal with the issue, quickly. You want the pest identifying quickly, and the necessary action taken but it needs to be effective and humane.
  • Insured and guaranteed – as well as acting in a safe manner, you also need to be confident that the company dealing with the pest control issue at your Daventry home or business is insured and licenced to do so, and that they work is guaranteed too.
  • Discreet – we also understand that not all customers want the fact that the pest controller is working at their property, whether that is their home or business… which is why we have some of our vans non-liveried. Perfect for our food based customers, hotels, restaurants, pubs, fast food outlets…
  • Great advice – we also think it is important that every customer receives comprehensive, straightforward advice on how future pest control problems could be avoided. We offer this as part of each and every pest control assignment in Daventry!

We work with all customers in both a domestic and business setting; we can deal with, control and eradicate all types of different pests, from the smallest ant to rampaging rabbits across gardens and farmlands…

  • Landlords, both private and social landlords including sheltered accommodation and assisted living units
  • Schools, colleges and nurseries
  • Apartments and blocks of flats
  • Churches and charities
  • Food outlets, restaurants, pubs and hotels
  • Industrial units and factories
  • Farms, livery yards, equestrian schools and all kinds of agricultural settings
  • Supermarkets, corner shops and other retail units
  • Any business that finds itself at the mercy of unwanted pests!

If you have pest control problem in and around Daventry, or would like advice about pest prevention, call Northants Pest Control!